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Here you will find the Solunar theory predicted best times for fishing, hunting and general animal activity based on the theory of John Alden Knight.

To get started with your FREE Solunar prediction all you need to do is select the type of prediction from the menu above or from the link below. Then simply enter your Canadian or US zip code, click the button and you'll find the Solunar theory predicted best times for hunting, fishing or animal movement for your selected area. If you are outside the US or Canada then you can use our worldwide prediction page where all you need to do is select your location from the provided map or enter your own latitude and longitude.


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Our one year single page per month Solunar Predictions .PDF calendar shows the Sun rise, Sun set, Moon rise, Moon set, Moon overhead, Moon underfoot, Moon phase, major activity times, minor activity times, and the Solunar predicted day ratings.

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